Free tutorial: sew a grabbing toy

This cute grabbing toy is sewn quickly and thus also for sewing beginners a simple, beautiful needlework. The little ones will love him.  Since he is good to grab on the wooden ring, he can be explored perfectly with the little baby hands and also with the mouth. A great toy, especially when teething. By the way, the grabbing toy is also a nice gift for birth, baptism or baby shower.


– Fabric scraps (cotton, jersey) 6 x 25 cm / 2,4 x 9,8 in.
– wooden ring approx. 5.5 cm / 2,2 in diameter (saliva-proof)
– 1 woven label “star”


– Sewing machine
– scissors
– pencil/chalk
– pins
– sewing needle
– pattern (download)


Step 1.

Cut the plain and patterned fabric in half and transfer the pattern (template) (note seam allowance). Cut out the two pieces of fabric.

Step 2.

Sew along the edge once, allowing for a small turning opening of approx. 3 cm (1,2 in) on a straight line.Place the fabric pieces right sides together and pin together. As a small highlight, a woven label from our Ready-to-go category can be sewn in. Place the label between the two pieces of fabric.

Woven labels with design “Star” available in 3 colors.


Step 3.

Turn the sewing piece and close the opening by hand, then iron it.


Step 4.

Now you only need to knot the strip of fabric to the ring. In doing so, pull the two end pieces of the ribbon halfway through the ring. Now pull the two “ears” over the ring through the hole.

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