Free tutorial: sew bone pillow

A bone pillow, also called a reading bone, is an ingenious invention and so A practical that you absolutely must sew such a part. It is versatile, whether as a neck support while reading but also as a book stand, tablet or reader support indispensable. Small tip from us: On long car trips, the bone pillow is a brilliant headrest for the passenger who wants to take a nap. It is quickly cut and sewn. Then it is still stuffed tightly with filling material and is immediately ready for use. Maybe even now think of Christmas, because here again you quickly have a great, practical gift.

Material requirements:

  • 3 different cotton fabrics, each in size0,35 m x 0,45 m
  • Filling absorbent cotton approx.300 g
  • ribbon to sew in app.15 cm
  • yarn
  • woven label individually designed,
    alternatively you can use leather labels
    like e.g. the leatherette label “handmade with love”



  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tape measure
  • pencil
  • pins
  • Hand sewing needle


Download pattern here

Step 1:

Cutting: Print out pattern piece 4 times and glue together.


Step 2:

Using the pattern, cut out the fabric pieces.

Step 3:

Sew the woven label onto one of the pieces.

Alternatively, they can also attach a leather label after finishing the bone pillow.


Step 4:

Place 2 pieces on top of each other right sides together, mark the center with pins.


Step 5:

From one needle to the next needle sew the parts together at the seam allowance.


Step 6:

Fold up one half, pin the ribbon to one center and place the third piece right sides together on top, secure with pins so that nothing slips out of place.


Step 7:

Sew everything together, folding away the bottom layer of fabric a little and leaving a turning opening.


Step 8:

Turn pillow through the turning opening.


Step 9:

Fill pillow with craft absorbent cotton through the turning opening.


Step 10:

Close the turning opening with the hand sewing needle.

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