Free tutorial: sew a baby-crackle-cloth

Babies like to be kept busy. With this beautiful crackle-cloth the little ones can go on a journey of discovery. Through the sewn-in oven bag it “crackles” beautifully and the many small details such as labels, satin ribbons, cords and fabric strips encourage touching and feeling. Even sewing beginners can sew this crackle-cloth with our free tutorial.

Sewing material / fabrics:

– Oven bag: 22 cm x 22 cm
– Terry cloth (front side): 20 cm x 20 cm
– Cotton fabric (back side): 20 cm x 20 cm
– Application (dog’s head, was cut out of a piece of fabric): approx. 9 cm x 9 cm
– Application – fabric with stars: 12 cm x 12 cm
– 2 pieces of Vliesofix to iron on for the two appliqués
– fabric strip with red dots: 10 cm x 7 cm
– Jersey fabric in red: 14 cm x 26 cm
– sewing thread in matching colors
– 1 piece of cord: approx. 15 cm
1 ready-to-go-textile label “made with love
satin gift ribbon in light green: 12 cm
1 personalized leather label in imitation leather


– Pins or fabric clips
– scissors
– Measuring tape / ruler
– iron
– sewing machine


Step 1

According to the given instructions, cut the individual fabric pieces as well as the oven bag. Cut the two appliqués (star fabric and dog’s head) about 0.5 cm larger. The dog’s head was cut out of a patterned fabric.

The seam allowance for all other pieces is already included.

Step 2

Iron the cut Vliesofix (without steam) onto the back of the two appliqués (star fabric and dog’s head). The adhesive film lies on the fabric! After ironing on the Vliesofix, both pieces of fabric can be cut to size according to the size instructions.

Step 3

Cut small holes in the cut oven bag with scissors, in case the baby should put the cloth on his head.

Step 4

Remove the paper strip from the Vliesofix on both appliqués. Place the red star fabric on the terry cloth and iron it on. Then sew on in a tight zigzag stitch. This step is repeated on the fabric with the dog’s head.

Step 5

Sew on the synthetic leather label in a suitable place as well.

Step 6

Then the oven bag is sewn on the back of the terry cloth and cut to size.

Step 7

Now sew the two fabric strips. Place the red jersey fabric and the dotted fabric right sides together and topstitch with a straight stitch. One narrow side remains open for turning.

Step 8

All fabric parts, cords and ribbons that will later be on the outside are now placed on the terry cloth on the inside and fixed with staples. (The heart label is inserted and sewn on at the very end at the turning opening). The jersey strip can be folded slightly. Do not tie the knot in the red fabric strip until the crackle-cloth is finished!

Step 9

Place the cut piece of fabric for the back on the prepared fabric piece (front piece) and re-fix the individual fabric clips. It is now outer fabric on outer fabric. Plan a turning opening of approx. 10 cm and also mark this with staples or pins.

Step 10

Sew along the long sides with one presser foot width all the way around. (Leave opening for turning open.) After sewing, cut back the corners and turn the crackle-cloth over. Shape the corners with a pencil or chopstick. Insert the woven sew-on labels with pre-printed „made with love” into the turning opening and sew it down again just at the edge with a straight stitch.

Ready is the cute baby-crackle-cloth.

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